The Tailor’s Room offers all kinds of specialist services for men and women;

We specialize in sartorial tailoring work including resetting sleeves-The shoulders are key, since clothing hangs from them. And as Yohji Yamamoto once wrote, “The shapes of the human shoulder are as numerous as the types of faces.” So why not have a form that has your shoulders?

Hems(up or down), Zip replacements,  all your mending/repair needs

Complete resizing/reshaping/repair service for bridal, formal and evening wear for men and women

Complete resizing/reshaping /repair service for all work wear through to day wear           for men and women

Leather/fur/wool, resizing/reshaping/restorations and repairs. Zips, full or partial relining to all resizing.

Motorcycle wear alterations, resizing/reshaping and repairs,  including full relining and restoration work.

Pattern making for men and women

Costume maintenance

Overseas and interstate inquiries welcome

Bespoke for women –For existing clientele only due to time restraints.


Leather, Motorcycle wear and fur is our specialty – we have nearly 30 years experience and ‘know how’ with skins. We source the best possible zips for your leather garments and our repairs are of one standard-Excellent. We can replace entire panels to leather garments or repair the immediate area.  All our zip and repair come with a lifetime guarantee. If the zip or repair fails the test of time, we will redo it-no questions asked.


Our alteration service will give your wardrobe that “bespoke” look without a bespoke price tag. Time is recorded only when work begins and charged in 1 minute increments giving you the service and value you are looking for. We treat all garments on an individual basis(not a price list) to suit. 

     Click here for Examples of our work

    The Tailor’s Room Pricing Policy 2015


With our specialized alteration service, The Tailor’s Room also puts the “fit” back into off-the-rack purchases, and we bring out-of-style clothes back to life. But this does not mean your small hemming job is not important to us.  Each client receives personalized treatment, no matter how big or small the job is.

You don’t need to throw out that ‘big’ suit or the ill-fitting dress- we can resize and/or alter to make the old new again.

Did we mention? how much we love to increase dress widths to fit. If it needs to be completely taken apart for fit, we can do! Example-click here

Since the very beginning, we have raised alterations to a new level and when you want an impeccable fit and precise workmanship, you need to go no further than The Tailors Room.